Front porch decor ideas with lemons and buffalo check!

Well, it was beyond time for me to spruce up my front porch. To be honest, it has looked a little sad since Christmas. Oops! Not anymore though!

I hope these front porch decorating ideas using lemons and buffalo check give you some great inspiration for your own home!

Front porch decor using lemons and buffalo check

The first thing I knew I wanted to use was my lemon door hanger that I painted when I did the Southern Adoornments décor door hanger challenge (I’m pretty proud of how it turned out). I decided it to layer it on top of a wreath I already had (That was from hobby lobby a few years ago). I personally LOVE the way this looks! What do y’all think?!

Front porch decor using lemons and buffalo check

Next up, I grabbed some black and white cushions from Walmart and then I found these cute lemon pillows from Hobby Lobby! I planted some flowers in my pots from Old time pottery and I love how it all looks!

Front porch decor using lemons and buffalo check

The little lemon doormat came from Target and the buffalo check one was from Kirkland’s a while ago!

Front porch decor using lemons and buffalo check

I am personally a BIG fan of symmetry (same look on both sides). To me, it’s easy to decorate this way and is just appealing to the eye. It is certainly not the only way you can decorate one!

Front porch decor using lemons and buffalo check

These white pots came from Old Time Pottery also and I just planted some ferns in them!

Front porch decor using lemons and buffalo check

That’s all it took to transform this space with some lemon and buffalo check cuteness! My porch isn’t huge, but I try to always make it as cute as I can.

Front porch decor using lemons and buffalo check

What are you doing on your porch right now?! I would love to know!

Take a look back at some of my past Spring and summer front porch décor for even more inspo!

Last Spring/Summer


Until next time…



  1. Sue McCreary

    I love the whole thing. Your colors are so cool and clean looking. Very inviting look for the front door.

  2. Loryn Stein

    I love it! It looks so refreshing and welcoming!

  3. Lou Roberg

    Oh Stacy! I can’t believe how beautiful your house looks!!
    Do you change it every year? Wow! I’ll bet the neighbors can’t keep up with you. LOL
    so pretty! Do you paint it often?
    My head is spinning!! Carry on girl. You’re awesome!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Stacey Collins

      You’re so sweet! I change it up from season to season, yes! Some items stay the same and some are new each time!

  4. DeanaLovelace

    I love it!! It’s beautiful!

  5. Kathy T

    really cute
    I’m going to look on Target site for the doormat 🙂

  6. Susan

    Such a fresh cheerful welcome to your beautiful home!
    Makes me feel good?
    May you know that you and your family opening your hearts and home are a blessing to us. In these crazy times we need positive loving people as you all are!
    Thank you?

    • Stacey Collins

      Thank you SO much for this!!

  7. Sue C Ruocco

    I love it all. I have a beautiful front porch which unfortunately has been neglected for a few years due to several major surgeries. But you have inspired me to try to get back out there and get to work! Thanks for all your hard work. You are an inspiration. Keep on crafting….

    • Stacey Collins

      Aww, I sure hope you can!! Thanks!

  8. Sue Ruocco

    I love everything about it. Navy and lemons is my kitchen the theme.

    • Stacey Collins

      Fun! I love it too!

  9. Julie

    Love the look! Uniform and simple! You’re the best!

  10. Barbara

    That is adorable. Love it.