Getting your home ready for the Holidays has never been easier or more fun! Join our Happy Holiday Home Private Group NOW!

Who is ready to have a happy and beautiful home this Holiday Season?! I am, and I want to take y’all along with me! I have been posting a lot about this on my social media accounts, but wanted to take a few minutes to go over ALL the info you might need and answer some questions I have gotten.

happy holiday home private group sign up now

MY HAPPY HOLIDAY HOME GROUP IS NOW OPEN! YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP! Want to know a little more first?! No problem!

Let me first clarify, that this group is something above and beyond what you will see/get on my regular social media channels. (and nothing is changing there by the way!) This group might be for you….

If you love decorating and DIY at the holidays and just can’t get enough…this group is for you!

If you struggle with how to pull your spaces together and want to learn more…this group is for you!

If you want to take your tree up a notch…this group is for you!

If you want advice, feedback and ideas on YOUR home this Christmas from Stacey…this group is for you!

If you want to be a part of a community of women who will give you so many ideas and inspiration for your home this year…this group is for you!

Happy Holiday Home Christmas group

Happy Holiday Home Private Group Information:

What: Happy Holiday Home is a 6 week group that will take place in a private FB Group! I will be sharing a ton of tips, trick, tutorials and much more on all things related to Christmas!

Some of the highlights are:

~ My tree tutorial  video showing you how to decorate your tree like a pro (this alone is a $12.99 value)

~ Shopping video- Let me be your personal Christmas shopper and show you all the cute things!

~ Live videos by Stacey on things like styling a mantle, table and trays for the holidays!

~ CHRISTMAS CRAFTS!! Live diy crafts done by both Stacey and 2 amazing guests that will be coming into the group!

~ Home décor giveaway, DIY challenge and MORE!

When: Sign ups start October 28th and if you sign up from the 28th- 30th you will automatically get $5 off! The course content will run from October 28th- December 6th. The perfect timing when everyone is decking their halls and prepping for the holidays!

How much: The cost for the 6 week course is $37, BUT if you sign up between October 28-30th,  you will get access for only $32! The content and information you will be getting for under $7 a week is insane!( It might be the best money you spend all Christmas 🙂

 Where do I join: JUST CLICK RIGHT HERE!! Once you have checked out, you will be emailed a downloadable document that has the link to our private FB group. Just request to join there and I will approve everyone who purchases! It will be easy, promise!

Happy Holiday Home Private group sign up now


~ Q: Do I have to be “live” in the group every time you post something or do a live?

A: Absolutely not! Once things are posted to the group the content is there and is yours to watch/listen to/read at your own pace. 

~ Q: Do I have to purchase all new Christmas décor to be in this group?

– A: No way! You actually aren’t required to purchase a thing! You can work with what you have and still learn a TON from this group!

~ Q: Will I be able to ask your opinion on my own personal home and the Christmas décor?

– A: You will be allowed to post in the group at any time. This will give not only myself an opportunity to see your beautiful Christmas homes, but others in the group as well. It will be a great community of people and a perfect place to bounce ideas off one another. I will personally try to reply to as many comments/questions as I can.  The only thing that will not be allowed is selling/promoting of your own personal goods or services.

~ Q: Do I need any type of background in decorating?

-A : Of course not! This will be good information for people of any skill level and any style of décor! 

Have other questions? Just ask! Can’t wait to see you over in the group THIS Thursday, November 16th!

~ Stacey

buffalo check christmas how to style a mantle and decorate a tree like a pro! Find out how this Holiday season!

Sign up now!

happy holiday home join our private group. get your home ready for christmas and learn how to decorate for christmas



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