How to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon in 5 easy steps!

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to do a blog post since this is the FIRST Christmas post from our new home! I’ve been dreaming of decking these halls from the moment we started the build process!

Come see how to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon in 5 easy steps! I use this process each year and it always turns out beautiful!

How to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon

I’ve truly been waiting for this moment and because I’ve been so anxious, YES…I put my tree up in October! And guess what?! I’m here for it! If it brings you joy…do it my friend!

How to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon

I knew I wanted a tree in this entry way nook from the moment we picked our floorplan, and even had an extra outlet added down here for it.

I used my 9 ft. Queen slim flocked tree from King of Christmas! I LOVE this tree!

How to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon

I also used all of my same ribbon that I have used for the past couple of years. (It all came from Hobby Lobby years ago) Here’s an older post with a ribbon buying guide for you!

Here’s a quick rundown of the steps I took- but you can get my full tree tutorial where I take you step by step through exactly how I get this look if you are more of a visual learner!

  1. Fluff tree (my least favorite part, but SO important). I like to fluff as I go, so if your tree comes in sections fluff each one as you put it up.
  2. Add base ribbon. For me, I just used a 4″ waffle ribbon from Hobby Lobby this year, but you can also use 10″ mesh. The key here is to make it look natural and not just straight up and down or around in circles! I work in long and short sections to create this look. (I also added some wood bead garland from Walmart after this step, but that is optional)
How to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon

3. Add accent ribbons. For me, I like to pick 4-5 coordinating 2.5″ wired ribbons. I cut them into 26-28″ strips and do groupings of 3 to create my loops. I simply fold in half and attach to the tree using the branches to attach eachone.

4. Ornaments- Of course filling the tree with ornaments is key! I have collected lots of cute red and white ones over the years and made a ton of DIY ornaments as well!

5. Topper and filler- I just used some berry picks from Hobby Lobby for the top, but you can do so many things here! If you want, you can also use extra berry picks in the tree for filler too!

How to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon

What do you think about this little how to decorate a Christmas tree guide?! I promise it’s much easier than it may seem to get a look like this!

And like I mentioned, if you are a visual learner and feel like you need a more step by step guide, I HIGHLY recommend my tree tutorial video. I have taught THOUSANDS of ladies how to decorate their tree like a pro with this exact method and video!

how to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon

I’m so so happy with how this entry way Christmas tree turned out! It truly gives me all the holly jolly vibes and brings me so much joy!

How to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon

And who cares if I’ve got pumpkins on the outside and a tree on the inside lol!

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  1. Amy

    This is gorgeous! I need all of these things 💚❤️

  2. Vicki

    Your tree is beautiful

  3. Sally England

    This tree is absolutely perfect here. I love all the ribbons and ornaments. It’s beautiful, as always. Thank you for the tutorials you added here for us to follow.

  4. Linda Waddy

    Beautiful as always. Have learned so much from watching you decorate

  5. Doris Croteau

    Such a beautiful tree. Now, I watch you more frequently but the first video of yours I saw was a Christmas tour of the other home. I thought it was the most beautifully decorated
    home for Christmas I had ever seen. Even the patio, so amazing. You are very talented, I am a retired nurse, I try to decorate but not so talented.❤️

    • Stacey Collins

      Appreciate this so much!!!

  6. Becca Smith

    Where can we find the other tutorials for your past trees?!?

  7. Kathy Tolleson

    beautiful , I’ll have to watch the video to understand the part about the three ribbons and folding them in half 🤪 Thank you for sharing

  8. Christi

    I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to try doing my tree using your method! Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Love all your trees

  12. Linda Welling

    You have been so blessed with such caring talents, thank you for always sharing your loving heart with us. I am so happy for you to have a beautiful new home to keep your creative juices going. I only see complete happiness all around you this coming holiday season! Thank you for being such a good friend to us that just adore you❣️

    • Stacey Collins

      aww thank you so much for this!!

  13. Dorothy Dunphy

    Folding the bow looks intimidating!!
    Lesson please!!

  14. Sharon Hixson

    I love your tree!!

  15. Joyce Workman

    You make it look so easy. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

  16. Patty Fuller

    Very Pretty! I love your entry way tree! Red is my color. Loved the ribbons that you used! Thank You for sharing this with us.

  17. Julie Roof

    Absolutely love it

  18. Kimberly Lyon

    Beautiful! I love your tree and your tutorial! Keep the ideas coming!

  19. Antoinette Johnson

    Such a beautiful house.

  20. Joyce Mashinski

    It looks PERFECTLY COZY!!
    I always decide where Christmas Trees, are going to go before I decide on a house! 🌲🌲🌲👍🏼🥰2 months today is Christmas Eve!!!

  21. Janice Christensen

    Too cute!!

  22. Jane Callan

    I love your beautiful tree and your home! I’m gonna try a little harder to spiff up my decorations! Thanks for the video!

  23. Cheryl

    Love the tree and the instructions, but the 3 piece wall hanging caught my eye. Would you showcase andxtell where it was purchased. Thanks!

    • Stacey Collins

      they all came from kirklands!

  24. Lisa Mudd

    I’m sure you’ve said before but — did you make those little wood frames for the ornaments with your printables? Is there a video of that? Love your trees every year!! ❤️

    • Stacey Collins

      yes we are making them right now in my online christmas workshop!