Neutral DIY Spring sign!

Spring décor doesn’t have to have bunnies and eggs to give you that feel of Spring. And it doesn’t have to be pastel colors either!

This neutral DIY Spring sign will add the perfect pop of Spring without being over the top. It’s so easy that anyone can do it!

A neutral DIY Spring sign was just what I needed to fill a little spot on my dining room buffet! So I searched my stash of supplies and found the perfect combo!

I started with this little tag sign from the Dollar Tree because I knew it would be the perfect height and shape.

Neutral DIY Spring sign

Next I grabbed this little bless our nest sign that I had picked up from Walmart this year. I thought it would look so cute layered on top…but with a little something extra added!

Neutral DIY Spring sign

First I flipped the Spring sign over and painted it white. I used Blackberry House Paint (Fresh eggs), but you can use any white paint you have on hand. While it was drying I moved on to my next step.

Neutral DIY Spring sign

I cut the string off the metal sign and added a new hemp twine to it and strung some wood beads on each side! Because EVERYTHING is cuter with wood beads. Haha!

Neutral DIY Spring sign

Lastly, I tied it together in the middle and strung it up through the hole at the top of the Dollar Tree sign. It was soooo easy and so quick!

Neutral DIY Spring sign

What do you think of this neutral DIY Spring sign?! I thought it looked pretty cute on my buffet!

Neutral DIY Spring sign

You can see the other DIY I did for my buffet here!

Neutral DIY Spring sign

I hope this inspired you to get crafty! It doesn’t have to cost a lot or even take a lot of time to be cute and make an impact!

Until next time…


You can get blackberry house paint here and use code wilshire for 10% off!


  1. Connie

    Great Bunny idea! Looks great! Thanks

  2. Susan

    Love the bunny idea!!

  3. Carolyn

    Stacy I love it all, I love your centerpiece so simple and elegant at the same time, nothing over the top just absolutely perfect

    • Stacey Collins

      Thank you so so much!

  4. Jerri Morgan

    Thank you Stacey for spreading these awesome DIY’s. They make me happy?
    I wish I count find that metal sign at WM. I love what you did with it. Stay safe❤️