Valentine’s decorating for under $40 in my entry way!

Well, this is a first! I have never in the history of ever decorated a space in my home for Valentine’s day. Can you believe that?! I’m going to keep it real here, it has just never been one of my favorite holidays to decorate for! Don’t even truly know why! But, I decided to step out of my comfort zone this year.

So, today I’m sharing my Valentine’s decorating for under $40 in my entry way! I decided that I wanted those touches, but didn’t want to break the bank!


Valentine's Decorating in the entry way for under $40!

Since this was my first time to do anything more than a tiered tray (That’s all I’ve ever done in the past), I knew that it gave me the perfect excuse to do one of my favorite things…SHOP! But, I also knew I wanted to incorporate a DIY or two as well to keep the cost down.

You can see my shopping video here where I look for all the cute things and then bring it home to get to work! Here is what I call my pile of potential! Which is a collection of new items, DIY’s and “shopping my home” for what I already had that I thought I might could use! Valentine's decorating for under $40 in my entry way!

First up in my Valentine’s decorating fun, I ended up using this wreath I already had. I added these little hearts that were from the Dollar General garland I found a couple weeks ago. SEE THAT POST HERE BECAUSE THEY HAD SO MUCH CUTE STUFF THIS YEAR! Honestly, I took them out of the package and they immediately fell off the string so I was like…hmmm maybe I’ll just shove a few in here. And it worked and looked cute! Valentine's decorating for under $40 in my entry way!

On the other side, I have my little DIY dollar tree sign that I made over. You can watch the FB live here where I did this one! Valentine's decorating for under $40 in my entry way!

When I spotted the little felt heart at Dollar General (again seen in that post here) I knew I needed it. I just added some ribbon to make it hang down a little longer! Valentine's decorating for under $40 in my entry way!

Down below, I hung a little banner that I picked up from Hobby Lobby and then OF COURSE used the 2 little pillows from Kirkland’s that I couldn’t live without. The striped one is HERE and the polka dot one is HERE! Isn’t this so cute?! Valentine's decorating for under $40 in my entry way!

They also have an adorable truck pillow (seen here), but it was out of stock at my store. No worries though, because I found this cute little truck sign (Seen here). Couldn’t pass it up! It happened to be 30% off everything today at Kirkland’s, so I got the 2 pillows  and the sign for under $30! SCORE! Valentine's decorating for under $40 in my entry way!

The little white vase is from Kohl’s (seen here) and I just have some greenery in it! That’s all it took in this space to get my Valentine’s decorating on and make it look cute and festive! Valentine's decorating for under $40 in my entry way!

What do you guys think?! Between the deals that I got, incorporating DIY’s and shopping my home and using what I had…I spent UNDER $40 on this space!! That makes me a happy camper! Bailey likes it too…and got a treat for sitting here for a pic 🙂

Valentine's decorating for under $40 in my entry way!

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  1. Sheryl

    Your entry looks so inviting. Love it all, especially your sweet puppy.

  2. Janet C Held

    Very cute! I usually do not decorate for Valentine’s Day either, but your decorations could change my mind. It was beautiful Stacey!

  3. Michelle

    Stacey ~ everything looks great ~ I too have the heart banner pillow ~ the mystery reveal box arrived yesterday ~ everything is just wonderful ~ I’ve decided to share a few things with my buffalo check loving friends ~ Bailey is adorable ~ thought I’d let you know that I was diagnosed with bronchitis ~ seriously how much coughing can one person do and will I ever get a full nights rest ~ ugh! Enjoy the week ~


  4. Linda Hall

    Where did you ge yr “this is us” sign?
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Bunnie Lenz

    You make decorating look so easy and it inspires me to try some of the things you show. You are so good at what you do.

  6. Tammy

    So cute. I usually don’t decorate much for valentines either. This year did more, your so inspirational!

  7. Christine

    Where did you get the This Is Us sign!

  8. Lori

    Perfection as always! <3

    • Missy

      I absolutely love this , was in Hobby Lobby today ? you are an absolute inspiration to me!

      • Stacey Collins

        Aww, thank you so much!!


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