Welcoming Christmas entry way decor

We can’t forget about the entrances of our home when decorating for the seasons! After all, it’s usually the first thing people see when they enter!

Come see my welcoming Christmas entry way decor to get some ideas and inspo for your own home this holiday season! Come on in…

Welcome to my home! If there’s one thing I always want, it’s for anyone that enters here to feel WELCOME immediately! I try hard to create cozy and comfortable spaces throughout my house to continue that welcome feeling too!

We will start off with the front porch, which is where most people enter the home! I added some small trees that I’ve had for a while to either side of the door for that twinkle affect!

Welcoming Christmas entry way
Welcoming Christmas entry way

I layered a few different sized rugs too! On the front door, I used my norfolk wreaths that I got from Kirklands this year which I love!

Now…come on in!

Welcoming Christmas entry way

From the start of building this new house, I knew I wanted a few things for my Christmas entry way decor. 1) A themed tree 2) Another tree on the ledge 3) Garland on my steps!

Take a look at some views of all 3!

Garland came from hobby lobby and I added lights and bows!

Welcoming Christmas entry way
Welcoming Christmas entry way
Welcoming Christmas entry way
Welcoming Christmas entry way

We cant forget my entry way piece, which is a newer piece of furniture we recently got. It was fun to decorate this as well!

All in all, I absolutely love our Christmas entry decor way and I truly hope all that enter this holiday season feel loved and welcome right off the bat!

And this tree sure does look pretty from the street at night too! Pictures don’t do it justice!

Welcoming Christmas entry way
Welcoming Christmas entry way

Let me know what you think!

Until next time…


PS…To see more of my Christmas home, be sure to check out the featured article our builder Drees Homes did.


  1. Linda Welling


    I am amazed, I don’t think you sleep Stacey. Your husband lifted up your entry tree and now it is decorated, really? You two make a great team, you deserve the best. I just love you and your sharing heart to your community. We are the ones blessed. Thank you for keeping life real for us. Christmas Blessings to you, your family and your crafting team.

    • Stacey Collins

      you’re so sweet, thanks! And I do sleep- promise! And the tree on the ledge isn’t decorated, we left it bare!

  2. Brandy House

    So Beautiful, love all the Christmas Decorations , you new house is beautiful.