How to transition to Winter decor after Christmas!

It’s that “awkward” time of year…am I right?! Christmas is over (cue tears), and we are in that in between stage before the next holiday rolls around and sometimes it’s hard to know how to decorate our homes next!

I’ve got some ideas on how to transition to Winter decor after Christmas that I hope help make the transition easier for you!

Winter decor after Christmas

For me, I was ready to go to everyday decor in some parts of my house (pics of that coming soon). BUT, I always love doing a little winter decor as well. So, here are the spots I decided to add some winter touches!

You can get the throw and pillow seen on the bench from my shop here! And the cute printable craft is in my shop here. Everything else is older and from here there and everywhere over the years!

Here are my best tips when you are putting the Christmas away, but want to keep out some winter.

  1. Start a pile of all things that you think might work for Winter…don’t pack them up just yet!
  2. Keep things like green or flocked trees, snowmen, snowflakes, neutral decor, whites etc.
  3. Once you have done that and have your pile, start placing the items in the areas of your home where you want to add winter.
  4. Don’t forget things like cozy throws, cute pillows, birch logs, etc. All of these things just scream COZY!
  5. Have fun with it and leave the things out that will still bring you joy in the Winter months!

Today was the PERFECT snowy day here to take some pics of these spaces! Bailey is loving it too!

Our back porch is still decorated from Christmas because it flowed PERFECTLY into winter. How pretty is it all snow covered?!

Winter decor after Christmas

And…if you want to check out my Winter white dining room on the blog, I haven’t changed a thing in here either since Christmas because it truly works great all winter long too!

Hope you enjoyed these ideas on how to transition to Winter decor after Christmas! Let me know if you are decorating for Winter anywhere?!

Winter decor after Christmas

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  1. Sheila Thompson


    • Lynn E. Romines

      I just love your decorating style. So stylish yet cozy. Truly an inspiration.
      Thank you,

  2. Lynne

    Great ideas honey
    Taking down Christmas today
    We are finally getting snow here in Pittsburgh later today
    Love your cozy house style

  3. Joye Elton

    Winter decorations looks great

  4. Lisa Brooks

    Absolutely so cozy and beautiful!

  5. Decina

    Stacey, you are amazing! Gorgeous

  6. connie quigley

    Love it!

  7. Elsa (Peach)

    Beautiful Stacey! I love that picture frame!

  8. Gayle Gaither

    Love your ideas! Look forward to trying them! ❄️☃️??

  9. Janie

    Your home is so beautiful, Stacey! Thank you for the ideas. Do you on the edge of town or in the country?

    • Janie

      *live on the outskirts of town!?

    • Stacey Collins

      Neither really…in the suburbs in a neighborhood. We just have a lot that backs up to some land and trees!

  10. Tina

    Where did you get the birch flowerpot with your tree in it

  11. Sandy Penny

    It is beautiful Stacey?I love to see all you do and I love love love when you whisper shop?

  12. Carole Mejias

    Beautiful, I get alot of ideas from you and then add my own twist…thank you for sharing…

  13. Jackie

    Love your winter transitions.

  14. Darcy

    I love it! Beautiful as always!

  15. Sara Wrigley

    I absolutely love your decor style! My husband and I just recently purchased our first big home on 2 acres and it was overwhelming trying to figure out how I wanted to decorate each room. I know I’m a farmhouse girl through and through and getting inspiration from your decor and how you style everything is a breath of fresh air. You are incredible at what you do. After taking a few tips and tricks from you and seeing your Pinterest I have transformed my new living room into my favourite room. Thank you for always being an inspiration to us all. Can’t wait to see what you do in your living room.

  16. AlishaSchultze

    So beautiful Stacey!!
    Thank you for the wonderful tips!! We are taking down our Christmas today & this will help incorporate winter decorations in our decor.❤️?

  17. Doreen Schwab

    Very nice wintery decor and scenery Stacey. Love your decorations and and all those trees too. I’ve been taking down my Christmas decor and not sure if I want winter decor or put Valentines decor out. Decisions I tell you my friend. Thank you for sharing all the things for decor ideas with us. Love and hugs my friend. ❤?‍♀️