Christmas tree decorations using red and white!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas over here! Yes, I know it’s early….but I am here for it and hope you are too!

I truly hope these Christmas tree decorations using red and white give you some great holiday inspiration for your own home this year!

I’ve shared lots of Christmas tree ideas with you over the past, and as you may know I’ve done the same theme in my living room the past few years. Red, black and white with buffalo check of course! If you want to look back,you can see my 2018 tree here, 2019 here and 2020 here!

This year I was craving a change. I kept being pulled towards red and white. It’s so cheery and fun and just screams Christmas to me! So…I went for it and I’m in love!

Ideas and Inspiration for a Red and White Christmas Tree

This is my 7.5 foot flocked King of Christmas tree! You can see all of their trees here! You can find the tree base that we use from Amazon here.I had a good time shopping for some new supplies this year, but I was also able to incorporate things from previous years too.

Christmas tree decorations

Here’s a look at some of my ribbon choices. They ALL came from Hobby Lobby this year and I will link them all at the bottom of this post. I changed up my base ribbon to go with a little bit of a “less is more look.”

I loved mixing in some natural with the red and white on my accent ribbons to break it up a little bit!

My ornaments are a combination of both old and new to carry on with my theme! They are truly from here there and everywhere over the years.

christmas tree
Christmas tree

We cant forget the filler and the topper! I always love using the stems and picks for this!

Christmas tree topper

Here’s a little secret…getting this look on your tree is NOT as hard as it may look here! I realize not everyone is going to do a “themed” tree and that’s A-OK! But, there’s still a lot of things I can teach you either way that will truly take your tree decorating game up a notch or two! And I’ve got great news! Click this button below to read more about my Deck the halls workshop!

christmas tree decorations

Over the years, I have helped SO many women with their trees and it’s truly one of my favorite things to do! It’s amazing how it can go from this to that and you don’t even have to know how to tie a bow! Win, win! haha!

Ideas for Red and White Christmas Tree Decorations

Did this give you all the holiday feels?! I sure hope so! I can’t wait to hear what you think and I can’t wait to see your trees this year as well!

Until next time..


RIBBON SOURCES- CLICK BELOW TO BE TAKEN TO EACH ONE. I used 3 rolls of the base ribbon and approximately 60-80 feet of each accent ribbon on my 7.5 foot tree.






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  1. Latessa

    Love it!

  2. Wendy Dorman

    Beautiful ❤️❤️

  3. Terri Vardeman

    Stacy your tree is beautiful and Iove all the bows. Red and white is so awesome.

  4. Sandy

    Beautiful !!!
    I love everything about it ???

  5. Tammie kelch

    Where did you get the ribbon? Beautiful

  6. Vicki

    Absolutely love it!!! You do such a great job.

  7. Brenda

    Love it

  8. Lou Roberg

    Stacy I absolutely love your tree. I’ve always loved a red Snd white tree for Christmas. I love everything about this-starting with that gorgeous tree!!!
    All of the ribbons are so bright and fun. Very whimsical. I truly love this!!!

  9. Linda Oxford

    It is absolutely beautiful!! Love it!

  10. Vanessa Chason

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for all the hints and inspiration! You rock!!!

  11. Carol Hawley

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the red. Also love the ornaments and I’m super picky on how tree’s are decorated!

  12. Cheryl Hodge

    This is beautiful. I Love it.

  13. Kay

    Your trees are gorgeous. I love the ribbon and bows you chose and all of the other decorations. I’m excited for the workshop to start.

  14. Patricia Lager

    Absolutely gorgeous!
    Love the ribbon selections! Perfect!
    Can’t wait for the tutorial WITH the Workshop!

    Love, love your designs!

  15. Alicia Taylor

    It’s so beautiful I love it. You did amazing job. I hope I can do the same for my tree.

  16. Anne Bell

    Your tree is beautiful, bright and cheery. I love it so much. You have given me some really good ideas that will be able to use on a tree that I have to do for my job for an auction. Thanks again for all you do. You are great. Love this tree.

  17. Hilda Moore

    I Love your tree??

  18. Karen Hamby

    Absolutely stunning!!! You are super talented and I just love watching you! Thank you for sharing your beautiful decor and talents with us! Your friend, Karen

  19. Michelle

    Can you do a tutorial on how to attach your tree topper? I loooove it!

  20. Carole Mejias

    Stacey, Your tree is stunning, love love it…? Look forward to the tree tutorial….

  21. Cheryl

    Wow wow wow! I am speechless! Stunning

  22. Janice Heyman

    You did a FABULOUS job on your Christmas tree once again. I am totally loving the red & white theme & your ribbons are sooo on point! Great job…I’m going to try not to keep looking at it or mine will be up by the end of the week & my family will think I’m loosing my mind! Hahahaha Thanks for sharing!

  23. Judy Cline

    Oh my goodness! It’s just so beautiful!

  24. Lisa Hescox

    Absolutely beautiful !!! Love it!

  25. Cindy Baswell

    Outstandingly gorgeous! Perfection ! You definitely have the gift!! Merry Christmas!

  26. Donna smith

    I love it Stacey. You are so very talented! Your decorations are always so classy!
    Donna Smith

  27. Pat Binkley

    Beautiful!! Your tree is amazing every year!

  28. Ricki Jones

    Your tree is gorgeous. I expected that to be the case. Thanks for the tip on the topper. I didn’t expect it to be that easy.

  29. Judy

    Omg, i totally love your tree, its Beautiful,


    Oh Stacey you out did yourself. The tree is absolutely beautiful.

  31. Kristy

    So beautiful!! Can’t wait for your Christmas workshop!!

  32. Sue wright

    Beautiful tree I can’t wait to put mine up

  33. Jan Hill

    Beyond belief!! LOVE your tree this year! You definitely made your tree look like a “stop” Santa Claus can’t wait to visit! You are REALLY GREAT, STACEY!! Now we can’t wait to see the mantle and the porches.

  34. Marsha

    Loved your tree! And ideas!! Thank you

  35. Nancy

    You motivate the Christmas in me❣️??
    Love and hugs❣️

  36. Jean

    Your tree is beautiful, I love the red and white. I will definitely use some of your suggestions. You are such a inspiration. Thank you for the knowledge you pass on. You are a beautiful woman.

  37. Margo

    I’m changing to red white with silver and glass ornaments
    Please show how to do each ribbon step by step. Mine always looks stupid

  38. Debbie

    Beautiful. Great job!!

  39. Tammy

    This is my favorite tree so far. I love red and white. Can’t wait to do your workshop.

  40. Karen Jones

    Absolutely gorgeous! Great job!???

  41. Tonia

    Beautiful! I don’t know that I would’ve thought to use polka dots with stripes and buffalo check! But it looks great together!

  42. Pattie

    Absolutely beautiful!

  43. Dee

    That is a beautiful tree! I love it! I want to know how you did the bows! I want to do a black, white and red tree this year!! Only hope it can look half as good as yours!!!❤️❤️

  44. Pam Koch Hunt

    Absolutely love your tree ❤️ Turned out so beautiful!!

  45. Connie

    This tree is just so beautiful! Stacey you are so amazing! I’m in awe. Wished my tree would look like yours.I have that vision in my head, but never comes out what I would like it to.

  46. Linda Wiley

    It is beautiful just like always Stacey. I’m doing red and white in my dining room on a flocked tree. I love the way you did your ribbons and just might try it. I’m into the Christmas printable right now. Will put my tree up the week after Thanksgiving. Keep coming up with your wonderful ideas. ????

  47. Sandy Brown

    Your tree is stunning! I pray that you will share with us how to do this!

  48. Lesley dyer

    It’s beautiful love it love it

  49. Robyn

    Beautiful as usual. Love how u share with us.

  50. Jolene Krumwiede

    Thinking of red and white this year too! Buying some new ribbon and will have to go through my ornaments and see which ones work and how many new ones to buy. Thanks for all your ideas! I have the same taste as you on so many projects and purchases you share with us. You are so very talented!

  51. Gail

    Stacy, your tree is beautiful, love the colors you picked. I just bought a 71/2 foot flocked tree, can’t wait to put it up and decorate it. You have the best idea’s. Can’t wait to see what else you do for Christmas!

  52. Joyce A. Kopenski

    Your tree is absolutely beautiful. You are so very talented. I have used ribbon on my tree several times but I do it a little differently. Thanks for the ideas and suggestions!!

  53. Lisa Edwards Brooks

    Oh my goodness!!! How Gorgeous Stacey!!! Your tree just screams Christmas! I absolutely Love it!

  54. Elizabeth

    Stacy you have the most beautiful trees. I have 6 small grandchildren so I’m into one big silly tree of elves hiding inside the tree ir snowmen popping out of it. I know there will come a day when I can have a beautiful tree like yours.

  55. Lynn Z

    Love this! I’m thinking red, white and silver. I have great ideas now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  56. Phoebe Smith

    I’m in love with this tree. Makes me want to completely re do mine and I had just changed my design last year. I love Christmas! Can’t wait to see your tutorial and I’m hoping to learn some tricks for having a beautiful tree! Thanks for the inspiration!

  57. Noreen Lamoureux

    Looks absolutely beautiful!!! So festive, makes me happy just looking at it❤️?❤️?

  58. Gayle Ortiz

    It’s gorgeous!! Love how you used 3 ribbons instead of one.

  59. Louann

    Hi Stacey I think you did a beautiful job as always I have loved your trees every year. And all your home decor.Thank you so much for sharing. Looking forward to all your Christmas projects…

  60. Linda

    Looks Beautiful! I changed to red and white this year too. I wanted to do something else, but the red and white seemed the easiest transition based on what I already had. I only had to change my ribbon! And add a few more red and white things. Thanks for the glimpse!! I am ready for the new tutorial.

  61. Gail Colantoni

    Wow I love this one the best. The red and white makes it cheery for sure. Just beautiful as always.

  62. Lisa Nixon

    Love this! Girl, you have the touch.

  63. Cecelia

    Your tree is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  64. Eula

    So beautiful

  65. Kimeri

    Love the red and white and and the ribbon choices! Can’t wait to see your technic!

  66. Joy DuBois

    Love the tree! Beautiful! Did you fold the ribbons in half and tuck them into the branches? I love the look of the ribbons.

  67. Deborah Campbell

    Your tree is absolutely beautiful. I love the red and white. You are amazing, so creative. I can’t wait to see everything you’re going to show us!! ❤️❤️❤️

  68. Peggy Kasinger

    Stacey your tree is beautiful, you never disappoint! Your talent in crafts and decorating always amaze me. I wish I had some of your creative mind. ?❤️

  69. Janis

    Beautiful. Thanks for the info.

  70. Shea Wilsin

    I just love this! Christmas is red to me. You did a fabulous job!

  71. Carole

    I love your tree! You definitely have a knack for making a tree beautiful. I should be so fortunate to have such a skill!!!!

  72. Cindy Tracewell

    Stacey your tree is beautiful!! I love it!! I put up a small red and white tree in my kitchen every year to compliment all of the red that I have in my kitchen.

  73. Shirley Prescott

    Your tree is gorgeous! Stacey you are so talented – I love your style. Thank you!

  74. Sharon Hoth

    Stacey you are so talented, almost a genius. My favorite tree is the black buffalo checked. You are such a giving person. I love your little giggles, screams when you find a bug! I can’t wait to get my tree decorated with your tips. Thanks for all you do. Best of luck in 2022. God bless you and your family.

    • Stacey Collins

      Haha! Thank you SO much!

  75. Sharon Hoth



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