Christmas tree ideas using black, white and leopard!

You read that right…I said leopard! This is SOOOO out of the box and norm for me, but I was feeling it this year and I’m so glad I went with my gut because I’m absolutely obsessed!

Ready for some Christmas tree ideas using black, white and leopard?! Come see how I incorporated all of that and more into my tree this year!

Christmas Tree ideas using black, white and leopard

Last year I put a small black and white tree in my office at home, and I knew then I wanted to do an even bigger one this year. Now that I have Wilshire place, I knew I had the perfect spot to put one down in my crafting area!

Let’s start off with the tree in it’s raw beauty! I’ve partnered up with King of Christmas and this is my brand new King of Christmas tree. It’s truly gorgeous as is! This one is the 9′ Queen slim flocked with lights. You can shop this Christmas tree and their others here!

Christmas Tree ideas using black, white and leopard

They are amazing trees and I HIGHLY recommend them if you’re looking for a good investment tree that will last for years to come!

I also had the pleasure of partnering up with my friend Carrie from Trendy Tree this year to pick out the ribbon I wanted to use for this tree. As I looked through her site and was drawn to the stripe, polka dot and plaid, I couldn’t help but being totally drawn to the leopard too! You can shop their entire site here!

Christmas Tree ideas using black, white and leopard

Here are the referral links for each ribbon: Natural burlap mesh, Large Polka Dot White, Black white dot, leopard print, Black white stripe, Black white plaid (I only needed 2 rolls of each to get this look. That does NOT include the bow tree topper, you would need another roll of each one you use for it to do that)

Trendy tree helped me bring all my Christmas tree ideas for this tree to life and I am soooo in love! I have to say, the quality of their ribbon is TOP NOTCH and much easier to work with than what I have used in the past on my trees from Hobby Lobby, etc.

My tree decorating process:

  1. I start with fluffing the tree really well.
  2. Then add my base ribbon. This time I used a 10″ poly mesh and it took me less than 2 rolls to do so.
  3. Next I added my wood bead garlands from Walmart- I used 3 strands!
  4. My favorite part is adding my little ribbon bundles where I mix and match different patterns. I used about 2 rolls of each of these ribbons here. They went a long way since the rolls were bigger!
  5. Next up I start adding my ornaments and some picks for filler. These have come from here there and everywhere over the years! The tree skirt came from Homegoods!
  6. Last but not least, the topper! I CAN NOT take credit for the bow! My new assistant Kellie made that for me, because as you know…I am bow challenged. lol. She did a GREAT job and I love how fun it is and how it truly finishes the tree! (The picks came from Kirklands)
Christmas Tree ideas using black, white and leopard

If you’re interested in my FULL tree tutorial where I go over how I get a look like this, you can check out the info on my tree tutorial at the button below for even more Christmas tree ideas!

Again, I’m glad I went with my gut on this because here is the end result…which I just truly love!

Christmas Tree ideas using black, white and leopard
Christmas Tree ideas using black, white and leopard
Christmas Tree ideas using black, white and leopard

This Christmas tree truly makes SUCH a statement when you walk in the door to Wilshire place, and it makes me sooo happy to see it when I’m crafting there!

Christmas Tree ideas using black, white and leopard

SO anxious to hear your thoughts on these Christmas tree ideas! I know leopard isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok! Either way, I hope it shows you that it’s fun to go outside of your norm sometimes because you just might love it!

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  1. DeniseT

    Stacy, This is absolutely over the top. All the years I have decorated my tree I was very old fashioned. I even had lots of tinsel! Although I stopped putting up a tree, I just love how some people can really go all out and do a great job like yours. I have Nativity set and a few small (less than 12 inches) trees around it. I love watching all you create.

  2. Beverly

    I can’t see the full video when o click on the button! Pretty tree, but I want details!

    • Stacey Collins

      The link in the blog post takes you to the information on my tree tutorial you can purchase to see the whole video!

  3. Sandra Maddigan

    Absolutely gorgeous. Stunning. I just may have to try this♥️♥️

  4. Sally England

    I absolutely love the tree Stacey!! I hope my next tree will be a King of Christmas tree. Definitely a flocked one. You decorated it beautifully. I’ve followed Trendy Tree for years and they DO have some pretty ribbon. Plenty to choose from. Ty for sharing your beautiful tree and decorations with us. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Robin Morgan Corbin

    OH MY GOODNESS !!!…….It is Simply Gorgeous !!!…never would have thought to put those colors and patterns together on a Tree but…….IT’S TOTALLY A SHOW STOPPER !!! …Great Job Stacey again you knocked it outta the park !!!

  6. Becca

    I love this tree!! Will your decorating video show this tree?? I’ve never used mesh before, I’m a bit nervous!!

    You did a Fabulous job!

    • Stacey Collins

      No, I didn’t record a video for this one- but I use the same technique with the mesh as I do my other accent ribbon on the red tree. you’ve got this!

  7. Barbara Hensley

    Unbelievably Awesome. Would have never thought of the colors for a Christmas tree. But definitely an inspiration! Thank you for sharing this beauty!

  8. Beverly Sparkman

    So pretty ? you always do such a good job and I enjoy watching and seeing your videos and pics ?

  9. Jeanine

    Absolutely love it, totally my style.

  10. Mary

    I do love this so much. I could do a small one in my bedroom but would otherwise need to redecorate in the living area. Great job!

  11. Carol A. Martin

    Wow Stacey the tree turned out absolutely gorgeous ? I’m not a big Leopard fan either but this does go well together thanks for sharing.

  12. Dana G Duvall

    Absolutely gorgeous!


    It’s beautiful. I love the leopard ribbon!

  14. Kathie Gilmore

    Love it! Another amazing tree!

  15. Donna Mast

    Love the black and white theme. So pretty and so original. Thanks for showing us all what you created!

  16. Kathy

    Turned out just beautiful. I love the bow on the top!

  17. Jodi McCloud

    Stacey, I love it! Leopard print is my jam! Your tree is beautiful!

  18. Cecelia

    This tree is beautiful Stacey. The pops of leopard are unexpected but exquisite. This tree is so tastefully done.

  19. Donna Smith


  20. Deborah Raeihle

    Fantastic tree….unexpected surprise with the neutrals combo. Very bold and I love the tree topper.
    You set up a good recipe for color exchanges. Thank you for sharing a lovely tree!

  21. Vicki Phillips

    I have been putting up a leopard tree since 2004 and I still just LOVE it. I have never grown tired of it ?❤️

  22. Rebekah Smith

    Love, love, love the tree!!! Sooo Gorgeous!!!!

  23. Valerie Arnett

    Love it! I have never added ribbon to my trees! This December Dave and I will be celebrating our 50 year wedding anniversary. I will be adding red, gold and snow flake ribbon to the trees! Thank you for the inspiration!

  24. Valerie Arnett

    Love it! I have never added ribbon to my trees! Who would have thought leopard print would look awesome in a Christmas tree! This December Dave and I will be celebrating our 50 year wedding anniversary. I will be adding red, gold and snow flake ribbon to the trees! Thank you for the inspiration!

  25. Ana Delia Mojica

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Love it! ❤️

  26. Wendy Ganey

    Stacey!! Thank you for going with your gut on this tree! It is stunning and I, too, am obsessed! Appreciate you sharing how you made this tree look so fabulous. Great job!!

  27. Kathy

    I love your tree! I usually.dont stray from the normal colors for Christmas but you knocked it out of the park with this one! For some reason I’m not good at putting ribbon or garland on my tree. One day I’ll get it! Super super great job Stacey.

  28. Lynn Romines

    I absolutely love it with all my heart. I’m a true ? girl. The mix of leopard and mesh ribbon hits it out of the park.

  29. Xochitl Lizardi

    Absolutely pure love for this tree Stacy. I am in love with this. The second I saw it my heart just opened up big ❤️ You did an amazing job ?? on this tree. Love you girl!!! Thank you

  30. Lisa

    Your tree looks great. How many picks did you use at the top of the tree? Does your friend have a tutorial on how to do the bow? I have not done a bow in years. I have been trying and I have not been successful.

    • Stacey Collins

      I believe I used 4 or 5 and no, she doesn’t have a page but maybe she will do one with me soon. I’m horrible at bows lol!