Craft room storage ideas- how to organize craft supplies!

If you have a craft room or even just an area that you craft from, I’m guessing you know how hard organization and storage can be! The struggle is often real for us crafty ladies, and I am no exception! But, I’m excited to show you what I’ve done!

These great craft room storage ideas will show you how I organized my craft supplies! I hope you’ll love these ideas and tips.

If you didn’t know, I recently had a complete craft room makeover that you can see on the blog here. A HUGE step in me starting to get organized was having pieces that would be super functional for my needs in order for me to do so. I realize that not everyone is going to have this set up (and that is A OK), but I think you will still get some great ideas here.

Learn Tips for Craft Room Storage Ideas

This is the big built in area where my working desk is, but also perfect for craft room storage! I got most of my bins from Amazon, you can find them in my store here. On the right side I kept that for current seasonal crafting supplies. SO, whatever season I am CURRENTLY working on…this is where all the things I buy go for it!

craft room

The middle section houses little bins that I labeled with my label maker and I just love how everything has a spot! My sister Styled by Blair is awesome at organizing and came and spent the day with me to help me get things in shape!

craft room

Let’s just say I have a little obsession with buying wood surfaces for crafting. I knew I needed a place to store all of those, and this was the PERFECT cabinet for that!

craft room

Now moving on to the drawers. I lucked in to a ton of little organizing trays at the Target Dollar Spot and they just worked perfectly for all the little things like this!

craft room

Over on this side of the room is my crafting desk! You can also get info on this peel and stick wood wall that we put up behind it here. I LOVE having a desk that is tall enough for me to stand at and do my FB Lives, but also to have a tall chair for times when I want to sit. And of course…the STORAGE!

craft room
Craft room and office makeover

Everything from a scrapbook paper holder from Hobby Lobby, to little bins for wood beads from the Dollar Tree, to a drawer full of paint, wood supplies, glue sticks, etc. It ALL has a spot and a place and I love having it all so handy right by where I craft!

Simple Craft Room Organization Ideas

I am still working on getting my ribbon and fabric all organized, so I will share that once I do!

Having this space and dedicated craft room storage has really helped me stay more organized. I feel like I can be more creative in here because I (mostly) know where things are. Does this mean that I never make a mess? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I’m as messy as they get. LOL! But…I try!

What tip or idea idea did you love that can help you with your craft room storage or organization?! I can’t wait to hear!

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  1. Stephanie

    What a great room!!

    • Angel Baker

      I love all the ideas! My craft room is pretty organized with bins from Michael’s. My problem is how to store my florals without them becoming pressed down and misshaped. Any ideas??

      • Stacey Collins

        That’s a tough one! I have a decor overflow shelf in my garage and I keep a lot of the taller ones in big tall buckets/vases!

  2. Debra J Holden

    Can’t wait til you do tbe ribbon, thats a huge issue for me!!!

    • Sherry

      Me too! Can’t wait to see ribbon storage.

  3. Tammy koenig

    Very organized and looks amazing

  4. Patricia Binkley

    I love all your storage ideas. I would love to have a room like you have.
    I will live vicariously thru your craft room.

    • Stacey Collins

      Thank you! I’m so thankful to finally have a dedicated space!

  5. Laurie Parks

    This is so Cool, I don’t have the space like you do ( I Wish ) but I like the way all the binds fit so nice in the drawers and on your shelves. Can’t wait to see what you do with the Ribbons ? Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Stacey Collins

      Thank you so much!!

  6. Wanda

    Great job Stacey. Easy to craft when you are organized. ?

  7. Debra

    It’s great your craft room is the envy of many

  8. Billie

    Your organization is amazing. I’m about to start working on my stash of supplies, so it was very helpful seeing your space! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Ann Dolan

    Gorgeous!! I’m a new follower and wonder how large your room is. Did you have cabinets custom made?

    • Stacey Collins

      It’s about 13×13- not too huge and we had a local company here do the cabinets. Tailored Living in Nashville!

  10. Denise

    Love everything about your room! Did you have your side unit built in place or did you order it? I want to do something similar in my craft room but don’t want my husband and me to tackle the job. Absolutely love all the crafts you do!

    • Stacey Collins

      A local company here called Tailored Living did it!

  11. Patricia Ullmann

    I love how you organized, especially your paints. Would live to have a room like yours.

  12. Juanita B Taylor

    Great idea on the surfaces

  13. Karen

    Did you have your cabinets and table custom built or did you purchase the furniture?

    • Stacey Collins

      Custom built by a local company here!

  14. Laura Brown

    LOVE your craft room! I am just starting one. I am not a business, just retired and getting back into crafts for my pleasure. Where are you storing large boards and ribbon? TY for sharing your great ideas!

    • Stacey Collins

      I haven’t finished organizing my ribbon yet, and my larger boards are in another room in a closet. lol (the ones that don’t fit in my cabinets)

  15. C Wilson

    I like the containers that you have used for the wooden beads.

  16. Erica Flores

    Ok I’m I’m inspired…to my craft room I go! Wish me luck because yours looks amazing!

  17. Harriet Briscoe Harral

    It’s a constant struggle! I am in the process of organizing ribbons, deco mesh and florals.