Wood accent wall using peel and stick wood in my studio!

I’ve known ever since we did my craft room/office makeover that I wanted a wood feature wall behind me where I do my lives, and I had my eye on something pretty specific for this project. We finally got around to making it happen and I can’t wait to show you!

This wood accent wall using peel and stick planks was so easy to install and the look is fabulous! These are real pieces of thin wood!

We went with Stikwood for the wood planks because I had heard great things about them from some people I follow on Instagram. I ordered their sample pack first so I could decide what color I wanted to use. Since my cabinets are white, I went with the color Sienna (which is a light wood color).

wood plank

You may remember always seeing me live with my “brick wall” behind me?! Well, spoiler alert…it was just a photo backdrop from Amazon and while it served it’s purpose, I was glad to see it go!

craft room wall

Tyler helped us open the boxes and sort the sizes. I LOVED how they came in different lengths to make it look like a true wood wall.

wood planks

We got everything taken down, cleaned off our wall and got to work. All the instructions on how to know how much wood to order and how to install it are on the Stikwood website. We just followed what they said to do!

wood plank wall

This is what the back looked like when you peeled off the paper over the sticky adhesive.

wood plank

You do have to have a saw to cut pieces to fit when you get to the ends and they don’t fit exact. I of course left the measuring and cutting to Anthony…he’s handy like that!

cutting wood with sawa

It started coming together very quickly and I knew I was going to love it! We just made sure we staggered all the pieces alternating big and small, so the “seams” wouldn’t line up.

wood accent wall

The hardest part (for Anthony haha) was at the bottom and around the outlet, because those did of course have to be cut to size. BUT…soooo worth it in my opinion!

wood planks

Here’s the end result. What do ya think?! I am in LOVE!!!

wood accent wall
wood accent wall

I need to hang some stuff back up on the wall, but for now I am enjoying looking at it just as is! This has truly become my DREAM craft room/office…aka Stacey’s Studio!

wood accent wall

Do you have a wall in your house you would love to try this on?! I would love to know! And how about this before and after?! SUCH A DIFFERENCE!!

wood wall before and after

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  1. Sandy


    • Beverly Cullum

      Love your office

  2. Vicki Nicolaisen

    Looks awesome!!

  3. Debbie Farrar

    Haha…I just ordered a few sample pieces myself…want to do my dining rm ..half way up the wall..like wainscotting..then paint top half…
    Love how it turned out!!!
    Great job

  4. Karin Benczkowski

    This is absolutely beautiful Stacey!!!

  5. Ocia Fromme

    I really Love it ♥️ It’s Beautiful

  6. LouAnn Carol

    OMG. Stacey how beautiful love the colors you have amazing taste. Thanks for sharing ❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Teresa Sunderland

    Stacey, that looks awesome. I like that color. Love it.

  8. Debora

    Stacey this wall looks fabulous! It looks like real wood! I know you will love it❤️

    Debora Carr

  9. Anita

    Stacey the wall looks amazing!!!!! That is funny about the wall prior being a backdrop from Amazon, you would have never guessed that you told us. Once you get your stuff hung back up it will be perfect. It really changed the look of the room.

  10. Karen Greer

    I love your wall!!!!

  11. Dee Myers

    This looks awesome! I love it!!

  12. Kathie Gilmore

    Wow Stacey the wall looks amazing!

  13. Nancy Page

    I like the After wall, it looks great

  14. Helga Maddox

    Stacy ,liked your wall before but this is so much better!❤❤❤

  15. Janet Stinchcomb

    Your wall is absolutely beautiful!!!! I see many going with the peel and stick brick look and I really like it, but this actual wood look is perfection!

  16. Pam

    I love it❤️❤️❤️

  17. Lou

    I absolutely love this!!!!
    What a difference between the before and after!!! Amazing!!!❤️

  18. Brenda Mazell

    Stacey, it is beautiful!!! I love it!!! You have such a talent and good eye for putting the right things together. That was such a great choice!!!

  19. Ann Redfield

    What a great idea. Definitely gives a nice finished look to the wall. A real bonus that it was easy to install. Iam sure it’s going to be easy to maintain

  20. Verinda White-Helm

    That looks great! Awesome job ya all.
    Bet you couldn’t wait to use it.

  21. Faye Darden

    I love it, love it, love it!!!

  22. Margaret

    Now I’m going to be brutally honest…I’ve NEVER seen anything you do that I don’t like !!!!! You’re a natural , would love to have you in my home for a “what would Stacey do” session 🙂

    • Stacey Collins

      You’re too sweet! Thanks!!

  23. Marcia Bidwell

    Looks fabulous!!

  24. Maria B Tomlin

    I absolutely love it!! I would love to have a couple of wood walls in our home!!

  25. Charlene Romine

    i love the way it looks

  26. Michelle Thompson

    I absolutely love this! It looks amazing Stacey!!

  27. Patty

    I love it! I wonder if it could be used as a backsplash?

  28. Barbara

    Looks Great❤️