DIY Halloween sign

Halloween will be here before you know it! Do you decorate for it or like to do a craft or two?!

This DIY Halloween sign will be perfect to add to your Halloween collection, and I love that it’s cute and not creepy!

DIY Halloween Sign

What you will need for this project:

  1. Pumpkin from Dollar Tree (or any wood/cardboard type pumpkin you can find)
  2. Scrapbook paper of choice
  3. Coordinating Ribbon
  4. Paint
  5. Buffalo Check Stickers from Hobby Lobby
  6. Wood Beads

This pumpkin from Dollar Tree originally had a metal word on it, which I easily took off and set to the side to use for another project!

halloween diy

Next I traced my scrapbook paper, so that I could have a strip at the top and a strip at the bottom leaving room in the middle to paint.

Before putting the paper down, I went ahead and painted the middle section with a few coats of white paint.

I then took my mod podge and adhered the scrapbook paper to both the top and bottom!

This is when it started taking shape, but I also decided I wanted to do some fun coordinating ribbons at this point too!

DIY Halloween Sign

The fun thing about this project is that you could use ANY scrapbook paper and ribbon you want to truly make this your own!

Once that was done I simply added my stickers and spelled out the word BOO! Then, I added one of my simple bows. You can see my tutorial on how I make those here.

Last but not least, it of course needed a bead hanger! Black and white was the perfect choice. I’ve got a whole post dedicated to my wood bead obsession and it shares all my favorites from Amazon if you want to check it out here.

DIY Halloween Sign

What do ya think?! Isn’t this the cutest (not creepy) little DIY Halloween sign? It’s perfect for the small touches I like to add of Halloween around my home!

Do It Yourself Halloween Sign

I hope it inspired you and I hope you will give it a try this year too!

Until next time…



  1. Jeanna Kirn

    Super cute! I love Halloween… it’s my birthday ? Love watching you create!!

    • Stacey Collins

      So fun!!

  2. Betsy Lodge

    Thank you so much for be so detailed and explaining everything and giving the list. I love crafting but my anxiety kicks in. However, it is my self care. Leaving an abusive marriage. I have 2 kids one in the spectrum. I am starting my own business so I can be home and my son’s CNA. Your crafts and just your happiness shines to me. Thank you!

    • Stacey Collins

      aww thanks for sharing and best of luck to you!!

  3. Ann Hanna

    I don’t decorate very much for Halloween anymore, now that our children have grown up, but I do like to do a few things and this is just PERFECT!!