Farmhouse DIY wall decor

If you’re like me…I’m a buy it AND DIY it kind of girl! This means, sometimes I just want to shop and buy stuff…and sometimes I want to DIY it! Can you relate?!

This farmhouse DIY wall decor piece looks like it came straight from a store, but it only requires a few supplies to DIY it!

Here’s the thing about crafting. It does NOT have to be complicated to be cute. In fact, sometimes the most simple projects end up being my favorite. That’s the case with this one for sure!

farmhouse DIY wall decor

I spotted this amazing wood piece from Hobby Lobby in their woodpile section. It was only $19.99 and of course you can wait until it’s 40% off week too! (That’s what I did!)

farmhouse DIY wall decor

Those wood beads just scream farmhouse (and scream my name haha)! I decided this would be PERFECT with one of my printables and I wanted to use this printable bundle here because JOY is my word for Wilshire.

joy printable bundle

This ended up being the first piece that I made in my new Wilshire Place crafting area, so I knew it would be extra special to me!

farmhouse diy wall decor

I simply painted this 9×12 wood panel from Amazon with white paint and then distressed it a little bit around the edges with sandpaper. (See my favorite wood surfaces, including this one here)

farmhouse DIY wall decor

Once that was dry, I took my joy printable that I printed on cardstock computer paper. If you’ve never crafted with a printable before, check out this beginners guide to printable crafting to see how EASY it is to do!

All you need is some mod podge to attach the printable to the wood and that is literally it! Coat on the bottom, coat on the top and BAM!

Last but not least, I just used some hot glue and E6000 to attach the wood panel to the Hobby Lobby piece!

farmhouse DIY wall decor

Now you’ve got an amazing farmhouse DIY wall decor piece for your home! How beautiful is this?! And does it not look like it came straight from the shelves of a store?! I think so!

Right now, I’ve got it leaning here because I haven’t hung anything here just yet. But I CAN NOT wait to find the perfect spot for this cutie!

farmhouse DIY wall decor

Until next time…



  1. Lisa Giles

    I absolutely loved this piece Stacey!! Another amazing job!

    Lisa Giles

  2. Sally England

    I just love this piece!! It looks very expensive and you made it affordable to make for ourselves. Ty Stacey!

  3. Barbara

    Love this! I am new to your group. Can I get this printable!

    • Stacey Collins

      Yes- it is available at

  4. Karen Hamby

    I loved how this project turned out! I bought the bottom board and already had the other size. Now to find the time to make it?

  5. Loranette

    I love what you did with this Printable. ❤️