Winter centerpiece ideas

Well, it is the 999th day of January and we are still going strong into Winter. haha! Sometimes January can feel like a long month, can’t it?! I’ve got some winter décor going on to keep the inside cozy even if it’s cold outside!

These winter centerpiece ideas are easy to do and will give your tables a cute and cozy look. Come take a look at what I’ve done!

First winter centerpiece idea is using a dough bowl! You know I love styling this little guy, mostly because it’s SO easy to do and leaves a cute result! Winter centerpiece ideas

You can see it for fall here and Christmas here. This one is from Hobby Lobby and I painted it white when I got it, but any dough bowl or tray will work for this.

I filled the bottom with lambs ear garland and just added a birch candle to the middle and some little “picks” that I had leftover from Christmas. Lastly, I added a few birch pieces to complete the look. Isn’t it cute?! Winter centerpiece ideas

You can see the full video I did on this HERE! Winter centerpiece ideas

Next up is my dining room. I decided to leave the tree up since it was all very neutral and could move on into Winter, so the only thing I did in this room was remove the things that screamed “Christmas.” It wasn’t much and didn’t take much tweaking.Winter centerpiece ideas

For my centerpiece in here, I left it just like at Christmas only I added a little cotton to the end and took away the reindeer that was here. I love the combo of the lambs ear with the silver and wood. Winter centerpiece ideas Winter centerpiece ideas

I hope this gave you a couple of good ideas if you are wanting some cute winter centerpiece ideas for your tables! Winter centerpiece ideas

Until next time…

Be sure and check out my winter living room here

And my winter entry way here! 



  1. Robin Max

    Do you leave your dishes out on table? I love it all but love the valentine entryway

    • Stacey Collins

      In the dining room I do, just because we don’t really use that room in to eat too often. So I just keep it decorated!

  2. Christine

    Love the dough bowl centerpiece. Where did you get the buffalo plaid in the bowl?

    • Stacey Collins

      Walmart from Christmas!