Lemon Tiered Tray for Summer!

Have you ever gone into a store, seen something and INSTANTLY known what you wanted to do with it?! That’s exactly what happened to me when I went into Dollar General recently. I knew I had my theme for my Summer tray!

lemon tiered tray

My lemon tiered tray for Summer turned out so cute and was a combination of items from Dollar General, some DIY’s and items already had on hand. I love the aqua and yellow combo and I hope you do too. Come take a look!

So, here are some of the items I saw when I stopped in Dollar General. I knew I loved that combo of the yellow and aqua, so I bought a few things and then went home so I could get to work.

lemon items from Dollar General

First up, I wanted to do a couple of DIY’s. I did these inside my decorating and creating community (you can get on the waitlist for that here if you aren’t already in), I love doing exclusive crafts with them! The sign was made with a Dollar General napkin!

diy napkin sign

I hand painted the lemon with them too! This was a wood blank from Southern Adoornments Decor. Mine is the 8″, which is perfect for a tray.

Once I had those done, it was just a matter of filling in with other items I had just bought or had on hand to complete my lemon tiered tray. I loved these little straws inside the aqua glass mugs!

lemon tiered tray

Putting napkins in a little basket is a fun way to jazz up any tray! These were from Dollar General and the lemon shaped ones were from Marshall’s last year!

Napkins in tray

The little vase might be one of my favorite things, and I just added some florals I already had on hand. And of course…I added some faux lemons throughout the tray for filler!

lemon tiered tray

Decorating trays CAN be intimidating, but it sure doesn’t have to be. Plus, practice makes perfect! So, grab some items and just play with them until you get a look you love. I promise they get easier each time you do them.

lemon tiered tray

What do you think of my lemon tiered tray for Summer? It’s so bright and cheery and that just makes me happy!

Until next time…


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  1. Robbie

    Where did you get your 3 tier tray

  2. Lorraine Penkala

    Hi Stacey; I love everything in your store especially the tier tray! I would like to ask you since I’m fairly new if you send the actual printables, or do we have to print them out ourselves? I don’t have a printer and I also just have a Samsung 10″ tablet, can you explain what what to do. I appreciate it so very much. Your store is just so bright and cheery just like your personality ❤❤❤

    • Stacey Collins

      Nothing is mailed to you, you can either print from home or send them anywhere copies are made to have them printed. You would have to save the file, then email it to a place like staples, UPS store, office depot etc. Hope that helps!