Valentine’s themed tree ideas

Have you ever put up a tree for Valentine’s day?! If not, maybe this will inspire you to do just that!

These Valentine’s themed tree ideas are adorable and it was so easy to transition from Christmas to this with all the red!

Valentine's themed tree ideas

You can see a couple of Valentine’s trees that I’ve done in my bedroom in the past here and here. But, this year I went a different route!

Since I had my cute red and white themed tree up at Wilshire place, I knew it would be SO easy to transition it to a Valentine’s themed tree after the holidays!

For me, I knew I could use all of my ribbon, my tree topper and even some of the ornaments. Yahoo!
I started by removing any ornaments that were “Christmas themed,” but I left things like the wood bead ornaments buttons, etc that would work for either one!

Valentine's themed tree ideas

All in all, that was only around 25-30 ornaments that I removed. That means it didn’t take many Valentine’s themed ornaments to fill it back up.

Valentine's themed tree ideas

I used some I had from the past, bought a few new things at Hobby Lobby and OF COURSE I had to DIY a few too with this cute new Valentine’s printable bundle!

Valetine's printable
Valentine's themed tree ideas

What do ya think of how this turned out?! If nothing else, it’s a GREAT excuse to stare at the twinkle of the lights just a little longer. Am I right?!

Valentine's themed tree ideas
Valentine's themed tree ideas

I hope you love these Valentine’s themed tree ideas! Let me know if you plan on doing one this year too!

Until next time…



  1. Lou Roberg

    I love this Stacy!!! So very cute!!!

  2. Carol Starkie

    I love it Stacey!! But I love everything you do. ❤️

  3. Penny Fitzpatrick

    It’s absolutely gorgeous! Love ? it! I’m in the process of making valentine’s day ornaments and decor, hopefully I can finish soon!

  4. Zeni Smith

    Absolutely beautiful….love this month’s printables!! ❤️

  5. Robin Corbin

    Simply Gorgeous and Perfect Valentine’s Tree……that was a Great Transition !!

  6. Cheryl Moore

    So pretty! I am going to do a small tree for the porch this year.

  7. Darlene Turpen

    beautiful tree

  8. Sally England

    This is such a cute idea!! I love it and it screams love and Valentines Day. Thanks for sharing this with us. I will definetly try this out since I do a red and white tree for Christmas it should be easy!!

  9. Barbara D. McCrory

    Love your Valentine’s tree. Enjoy your lights too.

  10. Regina Jones

    Love the decorations and the tree. Did you purchase the decorations or make them?