5 simple pumpkin craft ideas

If you’re like me and you are crafty AND you love all things Fall and pumpkins, then this post is for you!

These 5 simple pumpkin craft ideas are just too cute and will add such a fun touch to your fall decor this year!

Let’s get to it…in no particular order…here are 5 simple pumpkin craft ideas!

5 Fun and Simple Pumpkin Craft Ideas
  1. DIY no sew Ribbon Pumpkin- This one is literally TOO cute for words! Not only is it easy, but it can be customized to fit your exact color scheme! DIY NO SEW RIBBON PUMPKIN TUTORIAL CAN BE FOUND HERE!
  2. DIY heirloom wood bead pumpkin- Give me all things wood beads! Plus, I teach a fun technique of painting to give your pumpkin the look of a heirloom pumpkin! HEIRLOOM PUMPKIN TUTORIAL CAN BE FOUND HERE!
  3. DIY painted foam pumpkins– Did you know you can buy the cheap foam pumpkins and paint them up pretty much any way you want to?! Yep, sure can! I’ll show ya how in a couple of posts here. GREEN PAINTED PUMPKINS HERE! NAVY PAINTED PUMPKINS HERE! COPPER PAINTED PUMPKINS HERE!
  4. No sew Fabric Pumpkin- If you can get your hands on those little bright orange pumpkins from the Dollar Tree, definitely grab you a few! The possibilities with these are endless! NO SEW FABRIC PUMPKIN TUTORIAL HERE!
  5. DIY pumpkin sign with printable- Yep, you can use one of my cute pumpkin printables to create a cute sign for your home! DIY PUMPKIN SIGN TUTORIAL HERE!

Tell me which one is your favorite?! They are all cute in their own way and each one of them could truly add some charm to your home! I personally love painting pumpkins each season to match whatever decor I’m using that year!

teal and buffalo plaid pumpkin mantle

Either way, these pumpkin craft ideas are sure to be fun to make and I hope you will give a few a try!

5 Pumpkin Craft Ideas to Decorate Your Home

Until next time…